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The Art Of The Start

You may be yearning for a better life. You may be shocked that at your age you cannot support yourself. You may be haunted by your past every night as you try desperately to go to sleep.

You may have read, listened, watched, and learned about entrepreneurship, starting a business, marketing, sales, and so forth. Yet you may be paralyzed, stuck, and confused even.

It may all be too overwhelming for you. So you sit and continue along with your mediocre life, knowing that there is more out there for you but lost as to how to start. You may be scared. Too afraid of starting as an amateur in something new or letting perfectionism get in your way.

Whatever the reason, you continue on your path of reading free eBooks or buying expensive courses you can’t afford. You input every day with no output. You stay stagnant as your life passes by.

Until you had enough.

Just start.

I’m 31 years old, can’t support myself, and won’t let another day go by without producing something.

We can all play victims, yet to say enough is enough and take ownership over our future is harder to do.

We all have problems and weaknesses yet we all have our strengths and interests as well. If we cower in the shadows of our past misfortunes instead of shining a light on our strengths and value, then we shall remain stagnant our whole lives. There lies a threshold in each of us that until reached will keep us silent. The pain we feel would not be great enough for us to take action until that threshold is passed.

Ask yourself, how much more pain do I need to feel before doing something about it?

I have no degree, two failed businesses, a diagnosis of a mental health condition, and have failed almost every job interview I’ve had.

So what? Pain is pain is pain.

Online, I’m a nobody. Perhaps just like you. I am however doing something about it. Are you?

Benjamin P. Hardy, a top writer on Medium, said: “quantity is the most likely path to quality.” He gave the example that “among the 50 greatest pieces of music ever created, six belong to Mozart, five are Beethoven’s, and three Bach’s. But in order to create those, Mozart wrote over 600 songs, Beethoven 650, and Bach over 1,000.”

To reach where you want to go in life requires work. Work requires action. Action requires starting.

It doesn’t matter how you start. It simply matters that you start.

Look at your strengths and pick your medium of communication. Then pick your platform.

I don’t expect this post to go viral, that’s not what it is intended for. It’s my start.

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